Training Resources

We are happy to connect you with training resources to meet your needs. Below are some resources you may be interested in. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your specific needs.

Optimization-related Online Courses

There are multiple courses offered by Coursera that are focused on Optimization. Recent examples have included:

  • Discrete Optimization, with Professor Pascal Van Hentenryck
  • Linear and Discrete Optimization, with Friedrich Eisenbrand
  • Linear and Integer Programming, with Sriram Sankaranarayanan & Shalom D. Ruben

Visit Coursera and search for “Optimization” to see what upcoming courses are available.

Personalized Training Courses

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Quickly ramp your team with personalized training from experts in using Gurobi.

All courses are 3 days, include lectures and programming exercises, and are taught by experienced Gurobi users with Ph.D.’s in Operations Research. You can learn more about Abremod on the Abremod website.

Course Title Course Details
Course Title Course Details Getting Started with Gurobi This course is designed for a person who is comfortable with C++, C#, Java or Python and who wants to quickly learn how to use Gurobi effectively. It assumes no previous experience with Gurobi or math programming. It covers using the Gurobi interactive shell and the Gurobi APIs, modeling with integer variables, working with multi-objectives and using convex quadratic constraints.
Performance Tuning Gurobi This course is designed for a person who can build models with Gurobi and wants to make those models solver faster or with greater accuracy. It covers measures of performance, the most common barriers to better performance and how to remove them. Techniques include tightening MIP formulations, delayed column generation, setting Gurobi parameters, and warm-starting solutions. It also covers using callbacks as a diagnostic tool and to incorporate model-specific heuristics.
Using Gurobi with Uncertain Data Gurobi's power allows its users to solve higher fidelity models than was possible even a few years ago. This course shows how to use this power to build and solve models that account for uncertainty in the input data. It covers stochastic and robust optimization, including recourse models, mean-variance portfolio selection with uncertain return forecasts, conditional value-at-risk and network interdiction.

To obtain more information, or to schedule an on-site class, or to talk about creating a custom training class tailored to your company, write to Abremod at

If you aren’t sure of what will best meet your training needs, simply contact us at We are happy to help connect you with a partner who can assist you in understanding which options might be right for your situation.

Consulting Services

In addition to the training options above, we can also provide referrals to Consulting Services that can help you build models or applications that use Gurobi.


Gurobi-Provided Training

Gurobi hosts multiple, hands-on, full-day training programs in the United States and Europe each year. To learn more about an upcoming event, please contact us at