Technical Support

Gurobi Technical Support

We  provide direct access to optimization experts with PhDs and years of experience with commercial models. Visit our Technical Support Portal to submit support tickets, search our knowledge base and engage with our community.  


Commercial Users

Phone Support:
+1 713 871 9341 x4 (06:00 – 17:00 Pacific Time (USA), Monday to Friday; closed on US public holidays)
or ‪+49 69 667737500 (09:00 –17:00 Central European Time, Monday to Friday; closed on German public holidays)

Support Portal: Click Here  


Academic Users

Installation & Licensing: Please visit the Gurobi Support site for assistance.

Support Portal: Click Here


Consulting and Training Services

We also provide referrals to 3rd party consultants on building models or applications which call Gurobi. In addition, we also offer training both at events we put on ourselves as well as at those offered by third parties such as Abremod. Click the appropriate button below to learn more.

Consulting Services Training Resources