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1 Billion US$
Reduction in US Federal Spending with Gurobi

Optimization Is All Around Us

Companies like Uber and Lyft are not possible without optimization. When you go into Amazon and you type a couple of words—such as “screwdriver sets”—and you see answers, that’s optimization happening.

At Princeton Consultants, everywhere we look, we see problems that can be solved with optimization. We see decisions that people should be using Gurobi for and they’re unaware of it. So one of the things that we’re trying to do for our clients is say, this isn’t something niche to manage the cleaning supplies with.

Why don’t you point this at your biggest spends and see whether you can get really good leverage? We did the 2020 census and we saved $2.8 billion of federal spending. That’s a pretty big win.


Gurobi: The Fastest Keeps Getting Faster

All Gurobi has ever wanted to do is build better and better and better solver engines. Every time they do something, we think, okay, this is about as fast as it’s going to get, and they just make it faster and faster.

Increasingly, consumers want that. They want faster response times. They want consistency in their responses. They want to be able to scale. They want to reduce costs. They want to have improved asset utilization. And optimization is the technology that brings that.

Gurobi has done a fantastic job improving the usability of the product—not just the mechanics on the inside to make it the fastest and best engine, but also how it’s broadly applicable up and down the stack.


The Solver That Has It All

If you are a Python Pandas programmer, we’ve got you covered. If you’re .NET developer, we’ve got you covered. If you’re Excel, we can talk to that. I think that’s one of the real hallmarks of Gurobi. All of us that use Gurobi and use optimization, in general, believe we have the real stuff. It really works.

It puts a rigor into decision-making and gives businesses more of what they want. If you have a killer application that needs Gurobi, you can really trust them to be a great partner.


Gurobi Alliance - Princeton Consultants - Steve Sashihara

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