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AMPL-Gurobi Result Values

Gurobi can return the following status codes to an AMPL session.

0optimal solution
1optimal solution with integer variables rounded to integers
2optimal solution with nonintegral "integer" variables
100suboptimal: could not satisfy optimaliter tolerances
101bestbndstop reached
102bestobjstop reached
103bestobjstop or bestbndstop reached
104bestobjstop or bestbndstop reached with no solution available
200infeasible [IIS computation not attempted]
201infeasible [IIS returned]
202infeasible [IIS finder failed]
203infeasible; .dunbdd returned [IIS computation not attempted]
204infeasible; .dunbdd returned [IIS also returned]
205infeasible; .dunbdd returned [IIS finder failed]
301unbounded [unbounded or infeasible; IIS finder failed]
302unbounded; .unbdd returned
303unbounded; .unbdd returned [IIS finder failed]
400objective cutoff
401iteration limit with a feasible solution
402node limit with a feasible solution
403time limit with a feasible solution
404solution limit
405interrupted with a feasible solution
411iteration limit without a feasible solution
412node limit without a feasible solution
413time limit without a feasible solution
415interrupted without a feasible solution
500Could not create the gurobi environment
501Gurobi call failed [message gives routine name]
502misc. failure [message gives details]
503Bad $gurobi_options
504Surprise VBasis[...] = ...
505Surprise CBasis[...] = ...
506Gurobi set/get parameter failed [message gives more details]
510cannot open logfile (specified in $gurobi_options or command line)
511cannot open paramfile (specified in $gurobi_options or command line)
512missing value in paramfile
513extra text in paramfile
514invalid parameter name in paramfile
520numeric error
521nonlinear objective
522nonlinear constraint
523quadratic objective involving division by 0
524indefinite quadratic objective or constraint
525quadratic constraint involving division by 0
530could not open serverlic file
531error in serverlic file
532error while tuning
540Gurobi Compute Server not reached or bad pool_... settings
541Rejected by Gurobi Compute Server
542Feature not supported by Gurobi Compute Server
543Feature not supported
563logical constraint is not an indicator constraint
564bad suffixes for multiple objectives
565Error return from named routine
567complementarity constraint
570solution found but not available
601could not talk to Gurobi compute server
602job rejected by Gurobi compute server
603no license for specified gurobi compute server
604surprise return while trying to use Gurobi compute server
605bad value for cloudid or cloudkey, or Gurobi Cloud out of reach

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