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The API v2 provides a set of endpoints to perform the following actions:

  • list licenses,
  • list, launch and terminate machines,
  • list, create and delete machine pools,
  • launch and terminate machine pools.

API keys

In order to use the API, you will need an API key consisting of an API access ID and a secret key. Please refer to the API key documentation to review the steps to retrieve the keys in the Instant Cloud Manager.

If a key has been created for a specific license, only the machines and pools related to this license will be accessible. If it is a global account key, all the information related to the account will be accessible.

The secret key is a like a password and it should never be shared with others and should not be sent by emails.

The access ID and the secret key must be passed with each request in the following HTTP headers:


Base URL

The API can be accessed at the following base URL:

HTTPS must be used to ensure that the communication is encrypted. Using HTTP will return an error.

Reference Documentation

The reference documentation provides all the details about the API by listing the endpoints and specifying the parameters as well as the input and output data. It is also an interactive API playground to let you try out each endpoint.

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