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Setting up the Gurobi MATLAB interface

In order to use our MATLAB interface, you'll need to use the MATLAB function gurobi_setup to tell MATLAB where to find the Gurobi mex file. This file is stored in the <installdir>/matlab directory of your Gurobi installation. For example, if you installed the 64-bit Windows version of Gurobi 10.0 in the default location, you should run

>> cd c:/Users/jones/gurobi1003/win64/matlab
>> gurobi_setup

The gurobi_setup function adjusts your MATLAB path to include the <installdir>/matlab directory. If you want to avoid typing this command every time you start MATLAB, follow the instructions issued by gurobi_setup to permanently adjust your path.

The MATLAB examples provided with the Gurobi distribution are included in the <installdir>/examples/matlab directory. To run these examples you need to change to this directory. For example, if you are running the 64-bit Windows version of Gurobi, you would say:

>> cd c:/Users/jones/gurobi1003/win64/examples/matlab
>> mip1

If the Gurobi package was successfully installed, you should see the following output:

          status: 'OPTIMAL'
     versioninfo: [1x1 struct]
         runtime: 2.9397e-04
          objval: 3
               x: [3x1 double]
           slack: [2x1 double]
    poolobjbound: 3
            pool: [1x2 struct]
          mipgap: 0
        objbound: 3
       objboundc: 3
       itercount: 0
    baritercount: 0
       nodecount: 0

x 1
y 0
z 1
Obj: 3.000000e+00

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