MIP solver focus
  Type: int
  Default value: 0
  Minimum value: 0
  Maximum value: 3

The MIPFocus parameter allows you to modify your high-level solution strategy, depending on your goals. By default, the Gurobi MIP solver strikes a balance between finding new feasible solutions and proving that the current solution is optimal. If you are more interested in finding feasible solutions quickly, you can select MIPFocus=1. If you believe the solver is having no trouble finding good quality solutions, and wish to focus more attention on proving optimality, select MIPFocus=2. If the best objective bound is moving very slowly (or not at all), you may want to try MIPFocus=3 to focus on the bound.

Note: Only affects mixed integer programming (MIP) models

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.