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Replaying Recording Files

If you've generated a recording of the Gurobi API calls made by your program, you may use the command-line tool to replay this recording.

Recordings are stored in files with .grbr extensions. To replay a recording from a file named recording000.grbr issue the following command:

gurobi_cl recording000.grbr
You should adjust the file name to match the recording you wish to replay.

You will know you have succeeded in replaying a recording, if you see lines similar to the following at the beginning of the command-line tool's output:

*Replay* Replay of file 'recording000.grbr'
*Replay* Recording captured Tue Sep 13 19:28:48 2023
*Replay* Recording captured with Gurobi version 10.0.3 (linux64)

For information about recording API calls and replaying them, see the Recording API Calls chapter.

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