Client-Server Optimization

Gurobi Remote Services allow you to offload optimization computations from one or more client programs onto a cluster of servers. We provide a number of different configuration options. In the most basic configuration, a single Compute Server can accept jobs from multiple clients:


More sophisticated configurations are also possible. For example, you can have a Cluster Manager that manages access to multiple Compute Server nodes:

The different configuration options are discussed in a later section.

Client programs offload computation using the standard Gurobi language APIs. In most cases, users can write their programs without considering where they will run, and can decide at runtime whether to run them locally or on a Compute Server cluster.

Jobs submitted to a Compute Server cluster are queued and load-balanced. Jobs can be submitted to run either interactively or non-interactively. You can run your optimization jobs on a single Compute Server node, or you can choose a distributed algorithm to use multiple nodes in your cluster to work on a single problem.