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Retrying Batches

If a batch fails to execute, you can resubmit that batch. This might for example happen if the node where the batch job was running was shut down or ran out of memory. All of the input files and parameters of the batch specification are still stored by the Cluster Manager, so there is no need to upload them again. You can simply issue the batch retry command:

grbcluster batch retry edfa28f6-7abc-4af1-80a3-0b7472dcdcf0
info  : Batch edfa28f6-7abc-4af1-80a3-0b7472dcdcf0 submitted for retry with job 9c6f1b59...

Note that a new batch job is created to execute the batch, but the batch specification does not change and you can still use the same batch ID to monitor progress. Note that it is not possible to retry a batch if it is currently running or if the batch data was discarded.

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