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/* Copyright 2016, Gurobi Optimization, Inc. */

/* This example reads a MIP model from a file, adds artificial
   variables to each constraint, and then minimizes the sum of the
   artificial variables.  A solution with objective zero corresponds
   to a feasible solution to the input model.
   We can also use FeasRelax feature to do it. In this example, we
   use minrelax=1, i.e. optimizing the returned model finds a solution
   that minimizes the original objective, but only from among those
   solutions that minimize the sum of the artificial variables. */

#include "gurobi_c++.h"
using namespace std;

main(int argc,
     char *argv[])
  if (argc < 2)
    cout << "Usage: feasopt_c++ filename" << endl;
    return 1;

  GRBEnv* env = 0;
  GRBConstr* c = 0;
    env = new GRBEnv();
    GRBModel feasmodel = GRBModel(*env, argv[1]);

    // Create a copy to use FeasRelax feature later */
    GRBModel feasmodel1 = GRBModel(feasmodel);

    // clear objective

    // add slack variables
    c = feasmodel.getConstrs();
    for (int i = 0; i < feasmodel.get(GRB_IntAttr_NumConstrs); ++i)
      char sense = c[i].get(GRB_CharAttr_Sense);
      if (sense != '>')
        double coef = -1.0;
        feasmodel.addVar(0.0, GRB_INFINITY, 1.0, GRB_CONTINUOUS, 1,
                         &c[i], &coef, "ArtN_" +
      if (sense != '<')
        double coef = 1.0;
        feasmodel.addVar(0.0, GRB_INFINITY, 1.0, GRB_CONTINUOUS, 1,
                         &c[i], &coef, "ArtP_" +

    // optimize modified model

    // use FeasRelax feature */
    feasmodel1.feasRelax(GRB_FEASRELAX_LINEAR, true, false, true);
  catch (GRBException e)
    cout << "Error code = " << e.getErrorCode() << endl;
    cout << e.getMessage() << endl;
  catch (...)
    cout << "Error during optimization" << endl;

  delete[] c;
  delete env;
  return 0;

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