Add a new general constraint of type GRB.GENCONSTR_INDICATOR to a model.

An INDICATOR constraint <span>$</span>z = f \rightarrow a^Tx \leq b<span>$</span> states that if the binary indicator variable <span>$</span>z<span>$</span> is equal to <span>$</span>f \in \{0,1\}<span>$</span>, then the linear constraint <span>$</span>a^Tx \leq b<span>$</span> should hold. On the other hand, if <span>$</span>z = 1-f<span>$</span>, the linear constraint may be violated. The sense of the linear constraint can also be specified to be <span>$</span>=<span>$</span> or <span>$</span>\geq<span>$</span>.

Note that the indicator variable <span>$</span>z<span>$</span> of a constraint will be forced to be binary; independently of how it was created.

GRBGenConstr addGenConstrIndicator ( GRBVar binvar,
    int binval,
    GRBLinExpr expr,
    char sense,
    double rhs,
    String name )

    binvar: The binary indicator variable.

    binval: The value for the binary indicator variable that would force the linear constraint to be satisfied (<span>$</span>0<span>$</span> or <span>$</span>1<span>$</span>).

    expr: Left-hand side expression for the linear constraint triggered by the indicator.

    sense: Sense for the linear constraint. Options are GRB.LESS_EQUAL, GRB.EQUAL, or GRB.GREATER_EQUAL.

    rhs: Right-hand-side value for the linear constraint.

    name: Name for the new general constraint.

    Return value:

    New general constraint.