Type: double
Modifiable: Yes

This attribute is used to set the allowable degradation for objective <span>$</span>n<span>$</span> when doing hierarchical multi-objective optimization. You set <span>$</span>n<span>$</span> using the ObjNumber parameter.

Hierarchical multi-objective optimization will optimize for the different objectives in the model one at a time, in priority order. If it achieves objective value <span>$</span>z<span>$</span> when it optimizes for this objective, then subsequent steps are allowed to degrade this value by at most ObjNRelTol*<span>$</span>\vert z\vert<span>$</span>.

The number of objectives in the model can be queried (or modified) using the NumObj attribute.

For examples of how to query or modify attributes, refer to our Attribute Examples.