Idle time before Compute Server kills a job
 Type: int
 Default value: -1
 Minimum value: -1
 Maximum value: MaxInt

This parameter allows you to set a limit on how long a Compute Server job can sit idle before the server kills the job.

The default value will allow a job to sit idle indefinitely in all but a few circumstances. The first exception is the Gurobi Instant Cloud, where the default setting will automatically impose a 30 minute idle time limit. The second exception is any program that uses the Gurobi Python interface (including the Gurobi Interactive Shell). Such programs will also get a 30 minute idle time limit by default.

You must set this parameter through either a gurobi.lic file (using IDLETIMEOUT=n) or an empty environment. Changing the parameter after your environment has been created will have no effect.

Refer to the Gurobi Remote Services Reference Manual for more information on starting Compute Server jobs.

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.