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Env.CloudEnv ( logfilename=””, accessID, secretKey, pool=””, priority=0 )

Instant Cloud Env constructor. Creates a Gurobi environment on an Instant Cloud server. Uses an existing Instant Cloud machine if one is currently active within the specified machine pool, and launches a new one otherwise. Note that launching a machine can take a few minutes.

Once an Instant Cloud server is active (either because it was already active or because the launch of a new server completed), this command places a job in the server queue. If the server has sufficient capacity, the job will start immediately. Otherwise, it is placed in the server queue and this command returns once capacity becomes available.

You should visit the Gurobi Instant Cloud site to obtain your accessID and secretKey, configure your machine pools, and perform other cloud setup and maintenance tasks.

Note that you should keep your secretKey private. Sharing it with others will allow them to launch Instant Cloud instances in your account.

In addition to creating a new environment, this routine will also check the current working directory for a file named gurobi.env, and it will attempt to read parameter settings from this file if it exists. The file should be in PRM format (briefly, each line should contain a parameter name, followed by the desired value for that parameter). This routine will also populate several parameters (ComputeServer, TokenServer, ServerPassword, etc.) from your gurobi.lic file.

In general, you should aim to create a single Gurobi environment in your program, even if you plan to work with multiple models. Reusing one environment is much more efficient than creating and destroying multiple environments.

Most methods in the Gurobi Python interface will use the default enironment, so you'll need to take special action to use the cloud environment created by this method. You can use a cloud environment as an argument to the Model constructor, to indicate that a model should be constructed on the given Instant Cloud server, or as an argument to the global read function, to indicate that the result of reading the file should be place on the given Instant Cloud Server.


logfilename: The name of the log file for this environment. May be NULL (or an empty string), in which case no log file is created.

accessID: The access ID for your Gurobi Instant Cloud license. This can be retrieved from the Gurobi Instant Cloud website. When used in combination with your secretKey, this allows you to launch Instant Cloud instances and submit jobs to them.

secretKey: The secret key for your Gurobi Instant Cloud license. This can be retrieved from the Gurobi Instant Cloud website. When used in combination with your accessID, this allows you to launch Instant Cloud instances and submit jobs to them. Note that you should keep your secret key private.

pool: The machine pool. Machine pools allow you to create fixed configurations on the Instant Cloud website (capturing things like type of machine, geographic region, etc.), and then launch and share machines from client programs without having to restate the configuration information each time you launch a machine. May be an empty string, in which case your job will be launched in the default pool associated with your cloud license.

priority: Job priority on the compute server. Higher priority jobs are pulled from the job queue before lower priority jobs. A special value of 100 indicates that the job should run immediately.

Return value:

New environment object.

Example usage:

  env = Env.CloudEnv("cloud.log",
                      "3d1ecef9-dfad-eff4-b3fa", "ae6L23alJe3+fas");
  m = read("misc07.mps", env)

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