getGenConstrIndicator ( genconstr )

Retrieve the data of a general constraint of type INDICATOR. Calling this function for a general constraint of different type leads to an exception. You can query the GenConstrType attribute to determine the type of the general constraint.

See also addGenConstrIndicator for a description of the semantics of this general constraint type.


genconstr: The general constraint object of interest.

Return value:

A tuple (binvar, binval, expr, sense, rhs) that contains the data of the general constraint:

binvar (Var): Antecedent variable of indicator constraint.

binval (Boolean): Value of antecedent variable that activates the linear constraint.

expr (LinExpr): LinExpr object containing the left-hand side of the constraint triggered by the indicator.

sense (char): Sense of linear constraint triggered by the indicator (e.g., GRB.LESS_EQUAL).

rhs (float): Right-hand side of linear constraint triggered by the indicator.

Example usage:

  (binvar, binval, expr, sense, rhs) =