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Appendix C: grbcluster

  grbcluster --help            Display usage
  grbcluster command [flags]   Execute a specific command
  grbcluster command --help    Display more information about a command

Flags can be set using --flag=value or the short form -f=value if defined.
A boolean flag can be enabled using --flag or the short form -f if defined.

Client Commands:
  jobs        List the active jobs
  latency     Test node communication latency
  log         Displays the log of a job
  nodes       List the cluster nodes
  params      List the changed parameters of a job
  ping        Indicates if a node is reachable
  recent      List the recently executed jobs

Administrator Commands:
  abort       Abort a submitted job
  config      Change the job limit property of a node
  licenses    List the cluster licenses

Cluster Administrator Commands:
  deploy      Deploy a Gurobi Optimizer runtime on one or several nodes
  join        Request a node to join another node to form a cluster
  leave       Request a node to leave the cluster
  start       Enable job processing on a node
  stop        Disable job processing on a node
  undeploy    Undeploy a Gurobi Optimizer runtime from one or several nodes

Global Flags:
      --console-ts   Add timestamps to console log messages
      --help         Display usage
  -v, --verbose      Enable verbose logging
      --version      Display version information

If a valid Gurobi license file is accessible at the predefined locations or
using the variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE, the license file will provide default
values for some connection parameters (server, password, router). If the
license file references a Gurobi Instant Cloud pool, it will resolve the
connection parameters of the pool. However, the password of the administrator
or the cluster administrator must be passed explicitly.

grbcluster is compatible with standard proxy settings using environment
variables HTTP_PROXY and HTTPS_PROXY. HTTPS_PROXY takes precedence over
HTTP_PROXY for https requests. The values may be either a complete URL or
a "host[:port]", in which case the "http" scheme is assumed.

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