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Command-line options in gurobi_cl

Several options of gurobi_cl have been removed and replaced as the following:

Listing the jobs and the status of a node is now available using the grbcluster command line tool. The command grbcluster nodes lists all the nodes of the cluster with some metrics (CPU and memory usage), number of jobs in queue and running, processing status, license status etc. The command grbcluster jobs lists all the jobs running in the cluster. Note that you can also list the license status with the command grbcluser licenses.

Killing a job is supported by the grbcluster abort command.

Changing the job limit of each node is now supported by the grbcluster config command.

It is not possible to change dynamically the password anymore. If you need to change a password, you will need to stop the node, edit the grb_rs.cnf configuration file, and finally restart the node Also, all the nodes in the cluster should have the same passwords to avoid any inconsistent behavior.

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