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Queueing, Load Balancing, and Job Priorities

As noted earlier, Gurobi Compute Servers support job priorities. You can assign an integer priority between -100 and 100 to each job (the default is 0). When choosing among queued jobs, the Compute Server will run the highest priority job first. Note that servers will never preempt running jobs.

We have chosen to give priority 100 a special meaning. A priority 100 job will start immediately, even if this means that a server will exceed its job limit. You should be cautious with priority 100 jobs, since submitting too many at once could lead to very high server loads, which could lead to poor performance and even crashes in extreme cases. Note that this feature must be enabled by the cluster administrator using the HARDJOBLIMIT configuration property.

As with most job properties, priorities can be set either through a programming language API or through the license file.

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