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Let's continue with a few examples of how these parameters would be used. Imagine that you are solving a MIP model with an optimal (minimization) objective of 100. Further imagine that, using default settings, the MIP solver finds four solutions to this model with objectives 100, 110, 120, and 130.

If you set the PoolSolutions parameter to 3 and solve the model again, the MIP solver would discard the worst solution and return with 3 solutions in the solution pool (i.e., the SolCount attribute would have value 3). If you instead set the PoolGap parameter to value 0.2, the MIP solver would discard any solutions whose objective value is worse than 120 (which would also leave 3 solutions in the solution pool).

If you set the PoolSearchMode parameter to 2 and the PoolSolutions parameter to 10, the MIP solver would attempt to find the 10 best solutions to the model. An OPTIMAL return status would indicate that either (i) it found the 10 best solutions, or (ii) it found all feasible solutions to the model, and there were fewer than 10. If you also set the PoolGap parameter to a value of 0.1, the MIP solver would try to find 10 solutions with objective no worse than 110. While this may appear equivalent to asking for 10 solutions and simply ignoring those with objective worse than 110, the solve will typically complete significantly faster with this parameter set, since the solver does not have to expend effort looking for solutions beyond the requested gap.

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