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Format of presolved MIQCP model
 Type: int
 Default value: -1
 Minimum value: -1
 Maximum value: 2

Determines the format of the presolved version of an MIQCP model. Option 0 leaves the model in MIQCP form, so the branch-and-cut algorithm will operate on a model with arbitrary quadratic constraints. Option 1 always transforms the model into MISOCP form; quadratic constraints are transformed into second-order cone constraints. Option 2 always transforms the model into disaggregated MISOCP form; quadratic constraints are transformed into rotated cone constraints, where each rotated cone contains two terms and involves only three variables.

The default setting (-1) choose automatically. The automatic setting works well, but there are cases where forcing a different form can be beneficial.

Note: Only affects MIQCP models

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.

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