read ( filename )

This method is the general entry point for importing data from a file into a model. It can be used to read basis files for continuous models, start vectors for MIP models, or parameter settings. The type of data read is determined by the file suffix. File formats are described in the File Format section.

Note that this is not the method to use if you want to read a new model from a file. For that, use the read command.


filename: Name of the file to read. The suffix on the file must be either .bas (for an LP basis), .mst or .sol (for a MIP start), .hnt (for MIP hints), .ord (for a priority order), or .prm (for a parameter file). The suffix may optionally be followed by .zip, .gz, .bz2, or .7z. The file name may contain * or ? wildcards. No file is read when no wildcard match is found. If more than one match is found, this method will attempt to read the first matching file.

Example usage:'input.bas')'input.mst')