Number of improved parameter sets returned
 Type: int
 Default value: -1
 Minimum value: 1
 Maximum value: MAXINT

The tuning tool often finds multiple parameter sets that produce better results than the baseline settings. This parameter controls how many of these sets should be retained when tuning is complete. The default value retains the best results that were found for each count of changed parameters. In other words, it retains the best result for one changed parameter, for two changed parameter, etc. Results that aren't on the efficient frontier are discard.

One important note about integer-valued parameters: while the maximum value that can be stored in a signed integer is <span>$</span>2^{31}-1<span>$</span>, we use a MAXINT value of 2,000,000,000. Attempting to set an integer parameter to a value larger than this maximum will produce an error.

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.