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Using a File from the Repository

You can submit batches that use files from the repository as their inputs. A file can be referenced using the full file object ID or the file object path. A file object path starts with '@' and concatenates the container and the object name with a '/' separator. For example, if the object was uploaded in the container examples/app1 with name model.mps, you can reference it using:


One possible use of the file repository is to submit several batches that solve the same model using different parameters:

grbcluster batch solve @training/glass4.mps ResultFile=solution.sol Threads=2
info  : Batch 7fe26af5-fbec-4e23-ad58-9ab4539f98f3 created
info  : Batch 7fe26af5-fbec-4e23-ad58-9ab4539f98f3 submitted with job 4e359f99...

grbcluster batch solve @training/glass4.mps ResultFile=solution.sol Threads=5
info  : Batch d2434fc9-b3df-4be0-bf2c-4d1eac2acb5e created
info  : Batch d2434fc9-b3df-4be0-bf2c-4d1eac2acb5e submitted with job 8deeb020...
The model file was used in two batches, but only needed to be uploaded once.

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