Installation Instructions

AMPL Installation Wizard

Here are instructions to install AMPL-Gurobi on Mac OS X:

  1. Run the supplied installer for Gurobi Solver, which will be named something like amplgurobi9.0.0.pkg. This will install AMPL-Gurobi for all users of your Mac.
  2. You will need a license key for AMPL - even if you already have a license key for the standalone Gurobi Optimizer. To get system information needed for a license key, open the Terminal (found in /Applications/Utilities), then type the command:
    fingerprint -o fp.out
    This will generate a fingerprint file named fp.out in your home folder. To request your license key (after we have received your payment or a Gurobi sales representative has approved your request to evaluate AMPL), email the fp.out file to
  3. When you receive your license key, simply copy the license key file to the folder /usr/local/bin; you can open this folder in the Finder by selecting Go to Folder from the Go menu.
  4. If you are configuring a floating license server for AMPL-Gurobi, please follow the additional instructions for ampl_lic.