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Machines are Gurobi compute servers or distributed workers provisioned in the Cloud. A compute server can accept new problems to solve while distributed workers are used as slaves to run distributed optimization or tuning. Machines are launched automatically as part of a pool or manually using the Instant Cloud Manager.

A machine can be in one of the following states:

launching The machine request has been recorded, and the provisioning will start soon.
pending The provisioning process has started.
configuring The machine has been provisioned and the network is being configured.
starting The machine has been configured and the Gurobi remote services are starting.
idle The Gurobi remote services are ready to accept new optimization jobs. No optimization jobs are running.
running The Gurobi remote services are ready to accept new optimization jobs. At least one optimization job is running.
killing The machine termination has been recorded, and the shutdown process will start soon.
shutting down The machine is shutting down. Once a machine is fully shutdown, it will be removed from the list. The machine history can be accessed to list recent terminated machines.
error An error occurred while the machine was being provisioned, running or shutting down. A machine in error state will remain in the list for around 2 minutes and then will be removed. The machine history can be accessed to list recent terminated machines.

In addition to the state name, a colored icon may be displayed:

progress When the machine is not idle or running, a progress icon indicator is displayed.
error The machine has an error, you can move the mouse over and a tooltip will display the exact reason.

Finally, you can perform the following actions. Some actions are specific to one machine and some others can be applied to multiple machines, in this case you can toggle the selection using the checkboxes.


Download the license file for compute servers only. If the compute server is part of a pool, the license file will contain the default access ID and secret key for the pool. If the machine is a one-time server, then the license file will contain the DNS name of the machine and the user password. You just have to place this file in your home directory which takes precedence, or in one of the following shared locations:

  • C:\gurobi\ on Windows
  • /opt/gurobi/ on Linux
  • /Library/gurobi/ on Mac OS X

In case you previously had a license file installed, please make sure to replace it, or set the environment variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE to point to the cloud license file, it will override the default locations.

terminate Terminate machines. The machines will typically auto-terminate based on the idle shutdown parameter. However, it may be useful to terminate the machines manually. If a compute server has one or more distributed workers, they will be terminated as well.

Tabs below the table provide details on the selected machine, including the machine description, its configuration as well as its actual status.

Machine Metrics

The machines are reporting the current CPU usage, current memory consumption and maximum memory consumption.

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