Import solution values for a heuristic solution. Only available when the where member variable is equal to GRB_CB_MIPNODE.

When you specify a heuristic solution from a callback, variables initially take undefined values. You should use this method to specify variable values. You can make multiple calls to setSolution from one callback invocation to specify values for multiple sets of variables. After the callback, if values have been specified for any variables, the Gurobi optimizer will try to compute a feasible solution from the specified values, possibly filling in values for variables whose values were left undefined. You can also optionally call useSolution within your callback function to try to immediately compute a feasible solution from the specified values.

void setSolution ( GRBVar v,
    double val )

    v: The variable whose values is being set.

    val: The value of the variable in the new solution.

void setSolution ( const GRBVar* xvars,
    const double* sol,
    int len )

    xvars: The variables whose values are being set.

    sol: The values of the variables in the new solution.

    len: The number of variables.

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