Appendix C: grb_rsm

Appendix C: grb_rsm

  grb_rsm [flags]           Start the Cluster Manager as a standard process
  grb_rsm --help            Display usage
  grb_rsm command [flags]   Execute a specific command
  grb_rsm command --help    Display more information about a command

Flags can be set using --flag=value or the short form -f=value if defined.
A boolean flag can be enabled using --flag or the short form -f if defined.

Configuration Helper Commands:
  properties  Display help about configuration properties

Service Commands:
  install     Install the service
  restart     Start or restart the service (install the service if necessary)
  start       Start the service (install the service if necessary)
  stop        Stop the service
  uninstall   Uninstall the service

Logging Flags:
      --console-ts             Add timestamps to console log messages
      --logfile string         Log to a rotating log file
      --logfile-max-age int    Limit the rotating log file to a number of days
      --logfile-max-size int   Limit the size of each file to a size in Mb
      --no-console             Disable log to console
      --syslog                 Log to syslog or Windows event log
  -v, --verbose                Enable verbose logging

Configuration Flags:
  -c, --config string          Location of the configuration file (default: 'grb_rsm.cnf')
      --database string        MongoDB database URL
      --port int               Start the server on the given port
      --service                Indicates that it is started by a service manager

Security Flags:
      --tls                    Use TLS for communication encryption
      --tlscert string         Path to TLS certificate file
      --tlskey string          Path to TLS key file
      --tls-insecure           Use TLS but disable verification of certificates,
                                 works with self-signed certificates

General Flags:
      --version                Display version information
      --help                   Display usage