The Cluster Manager authenticates all communication using one of two approaches: a username and password, or an API key.

When a client provides a username and password, a JWT token is returned that is valid for a relatively short period of time (default is 8 hours and can be changed in the Cluster Manager configuration). This is handy when using the Web User Interface or command-line tools such as gurobi_cl or grbcluster.

To simplify installation, the Cluster Manager initially has three default users with predefined passwords:

  • standard user: gurobi / pass
  • administrator: admin / admin
  • system administrator: sysadmin / cluster
You should of course change the passwords or delete these accounts before actually using the cluster.

Applications should use API keys instead. The Cluster Manager lets each user creates an API key, composed of an access ID and a secret key. The user owning the API key or the system administrator can revoke the key at any time. It is also possible to create multiple keys to perform key rotation in your applications.

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