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Once you have grb_rsm installed and running, your final step is to make sure that it is configured and running correctly. The Cluster Manager initially has three default users with predefined passwords:

  • standard user: gurobi / pass
  • administrator: admin / admin
  • system administrator: sysadmin / cluster
These default accounts are provided to simplify installation; you should change the passwords or delete the accounts before actually using the cluster.

You can check that you can log in using the sysadmin account with the grbcluster command-line tool:

> grbcluster login --manager=http://mymanager:61080 --username=sysadmin
info  : Using client license file '/home/jones/gurobi.lic'
Password for sysadmin:
info  : User gurobi connected to http://mymanager:61080, session will expire on...

Note that you can specify the password by using the --password flag, but it is more secure to type the password when prompted. grbcluster will get an authentication token from the server, and will save it along with other connection parameters into a client license file. Once saved, you can use the other commands of grbcluster securely without having to type the password or other information again. The authentication token is valid for a certain period of time, as defined in the JWT_EXPIRATION configuration property (the default is 8 hours). You can display the complete help of the login command using the --help flag.

> grbcluster login --help

Another important validation step is to make sure you can access the Web User Interface of the Cluster Manager. To do so, just open a Web browser using the server URL:


This should display the login page, where you can provide the credentials for the default accounts listed above.

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