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You can get the list of jobs queued, running or recently ended on machines and pools. Note that when a machine is terminated, the job executed on this machine will disappear from this list. If you need to keep visibility on all executed jobs, see the Job History feature.

We can distinguish between 3 lists of jobs, each one accessible in its own tab:

Main jobs A regular job or a main distributed optimization or tuning job.
Worker jobs The jobs that are started as part of a main distributed optimization or tuning job.
Queue The jobs that are being queued for processing.

A job can be in one of the following states:

running the job is currently running.
completed the job has recently completed successfully.
aborted the job was aborted.
disconnected the job lost the connection with the client due to network issues or because the client was terminated.
failed the job itself experienced an unexpected termination due to a lack of memory or an internal problem.

From the job list, you can perform the following actions. Some actions are specific to one job and some others can be applied to multiple jobs, in this case you can toggle the selection using the checkboxes.

dashboard Open the job dashboard.
abort Abort selected jobs.

Job Dashboard

The job dashboard provides different views about a given job in order to let an optimization expert monitor the job execution. It displays a set of tiles about the job status, the model information, and the parameters. It also provides a tile to display current charts, and another tile to display the engine log. If the job has processed several models, then only information about the current one is displayed.

From the dashboard view, you can perform the following actions:

more Select different types of charts if available.
download Download the complete log file.
begin Display the log from the start. When opening the dashboard, only the last 50 lines of the log will be shown and then the log will fill out incrementally if the job is still running. This button lets you display the entire log if available.

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