gurobi_write ( model, filename )
gurobi_write ( model, filename, params )

Writes a model to a file.


model: The model struct must contain a valid Gurobi model. See the model argument section for more information.

filename: Name of the file to write. Note that the type of the file is encoded in the file name suffix. The filename suffix should be one of .mps, .rew, .lp, .rlp, .dua, .dlp, or .ilp, to indicate the desired file format (see the file formats section for details on Gurobi file formats). The files can be compressed, so additional suffixes of .gz, .bz2, .zip, or .7z are accepted.

params: The params struct, when provided, contains a list of modified Gurobi parameters. See the params argument section for more information.

Example usage:

    model.A          = sparse([1 2 3; 1 1 0]);
    model.obj        = [1 1 2];
    model.modelsense = 'max';
    model.rhs        = [4; 1];
    model.sense      = '<>';
    gurobi_write(model, 'mymodel.mps');
    gurobi_write(model, 'mymodel.lp');
    gurobi_write(model, 'mymodel.mps.bz2');