int GRBgetbatchintattr ( GRBbatch *batch,
    const char *attrname,
    int *valueP )

Query the value of an integer-valued batch attribute.

Return value:

A non-zero return value indicates that a problem occurred while querying the attribute. Refer to the Error Code table for a list of possible return values. Details on the error can be obtained by calling GRBgeterrormsg.


batch: A batch structure, typically created by routine GRBgetbatch.

attrname: The name of an integer-valued batch attribute. Available attributes are listed and described in the Attributes section of this document.

valueP: The location in which the current value of the requested attribute should be placed.

Example usage:

  /* query the last error code */
  error = GRBgetbatchintattr(batch, "BatchErrorCode", &errorCode);
  if (error || !errorCode) goto QUIT;

Important notes:

Note that all Batch attributes are cached locally, and are only updated when you create a client-side batch object or when you explicitly update this cache (by calling the appropriate update function - GRBupdatebatch for C, update for Python, etc.).