int GRBsetstrparam ( GRBenv *env,
    const char *paramname,
    const char *newvalue )

Modify the value of a string-valued parameter.

Return value:

A non-zero return value indicates that a problem occurred while modifying the parameter. Refer to the Error Code table for a list of possible return values. Details on the error can be obtained by calling GRBgeterrormsg.


env: The environment whose parameter value is being modified.

paramname: The name of the parameter. Please consult the parameter section for a complete list of Gurobi parameters, including descriptions of their purposes and their minimum, maximum, and default values.

newvalue: The desired new value of the parameter.

Important note:

Note that a model gets its own copy of the environment when it is created. Changes to the original environment have no effect on the copy. Use GRBgetenv to retrieve the environment associated with a model if you would like a parameter change to affect that model.

Example usage:

  error = GRBsetstrparam(GRBgetenv(model), "LogFile", "/tmp/new.log");