Client Setup

As noted previously, a client program that wishes to launch a Gurobi Instant Cloud machine must pass credential information to the Instant Cloud Manager. Every Instant Cloud license has such credentials associated with it. This information is captured in a pair strings, an access ID and a secret key. These strings can be retrieved from your account on the Instant Cloud Manager. Note that you shouldn't share these credentials with others, since anyone who knows these two strings can launch Instant Cloud machines in your account.

Once you have the credentials associated with your license, there are two ways to configure your client program to use them. The simplest is to use a cloud license file. This is just like any other Gurobi license file, except that its fields are specific to the cloud. A cloud license file will contain two lines with credential information:

It may also contain an optional third line:
We'll discuss cloud pools a bit later. You can download a gurobi.lic file containing this information from the Instant Cloud website, or you can create one yourself in a text editor. If you follow the standard process for setting up a Gurobi license file (refer to the Quick Start Guide for details), then Gurobi will automatically use the Instant Cloud rather than running locally.

The other option for passing credential information to the Instant Cloud Manager is programmatically via parameters. Use the configuration parameters to set access ID and secret key.