Create concurrent environments from a list of .prm files
 Type: string
 Default value: ""

This command-line only parameter allows you to specify a comma-separated list of .prm files that are used to set parameters for the different instances in a concurrent MIP run.

To give an example, you could create two .prm files with the following contents...


MIPFocus 0


MIPFocus 1

Issuing the command gurobi_cl ConcurrentSettings=s0.prm,s1.prm model.mps would invoke the concurrent MIP solver, using parameter setting MIPFocus=0 in one of the two concurrent solves and MIPFocus=1 in the other.

Note that if you want to run concurrent MIP on multiple machines, you must also set the ConcurrentJobs parameter. The command for running distributed concurrent optimization using the two example parameter files on two machines would be

> gurobi_cl ConcurrentJobs=2 ConcurrentSettings=s0.prm,s1.prm model.mps

Note: Command-line only

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.