Type: int
Modifiable: No

Index of linear constraint with the largest (unscaled) slack bound violation for continuous linear models solved by simplex.

For MIP or other situations, it is for all the constraints. The constraint order is linear, quadratic, SOS and general. Assume there are <span>$</span>l<span>$</span> linear, <span>$</span>q<span>$</span> quadratic, <span>$</span>s<span>$</span> SOS and <span>$</span>g<span>$</span> general constraints and the index <span>$</span>i<span>$</span> is between <span>$</span>l+q+s<span>$</span> and <span>$</span>l+q+s+g<span>$</span>, then the general constraint with index <span>$</span>i-l-q-s<span>$</span> has the biggest violation.

Available for all model types.

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