Retrieve the data associated with a general constraint of type INDICATOR. Calling this method for a general constraint of a different type leads to an exception. You can query the GenConstrType attribute to determine the type of the general constraint.

See also AddGenConstrIndicator for a description of the semantics of this general constraint type.

void GetGenConstrIndicator ( GRBGenConstr genc,
    out GRBVar binvar,
    out int binval,
    out GRBLinExpr expr,
    out char sense,
    out double rhs )


genc: The general constraint object.

binvar: Stores the binary indicator variable of the constraint.

binval: Stores the value that the indicator variable has to take in order to trigger the linear constraint.

expr: Stores the left-hand side expression of the linear constraint that is triggered by the indicator.

sense: Stores the sense for the linear constraint. Options are GRB.LESS_EQUAL, GRB.EQUAL, or GRB.GREATER_EQUAL.

rhs: Stores the right-hand side value for the linear constraint.