Group placement request for cluster
 Type: string
 Default value: ""

Specifies one or more groups of cluster nodes to control the placement of the job. The list is a comma-separated string of group names, with optionally a priority for a group. For example, specifying group1:10,group2:50 means that the job will run on machines of group1 or group2, and if the job is queued, it will have priority 10 on group1 and 50 on group2. Note that if the group is not specified, the job may run on any node. If there are no nodes in the cluster having the specified groups, the job will be rejected.

Refer to the Gurobi Remote Services Reference Manual for more information on starting Compute Server jobs and in particular to Gurobi Remote Services cluster Grouping for more information on grouping cluster nodes.

You must set this parameter through either a license file (using GROUP=name) or an empty environment. Changing the parameter after your environment has been created will have no effect.

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.