Given a BatchID, as returned by optimizeBatch, and a Gurobi environment that can connect to the appropriate Cluster Manager (i.e., one where parameters CSManager, UserName, and ServerPassword have been set appropriately), this function returns a GRBBatch object. With it, you can query the current status of the associated batch request and, once the batch request has been processed, you can query its solution. Please refer to the Batch Optimization section for details and examples.

GRBBatch GRBBatch ( GRBEnv env,
    String batchID )


env: The environment in which the new batch object should be created.

batchID: ID of the batch request for which you want to access status and other information.

Return value:

New batch object.

Example usage:

    // Create Batch-object
    GRBBatch batch = new GRBBatch(env, batchid);