Retrieve the data associated with a general constraint of type POLY. Calling this method for a general constraint of a different type leads to an exception. You can query the GenConstrType attribute to determine the type of the general constraint.

Typical usage is to call this routine twice. In the first call, you specify the requested general constraint, with a null value for the p argument. The routine returns the length of the p array in plen. That allows you to make certain that the p array is of sufficient size to hold the result of the second call.

See also addGenConstrPoly for a description of the semantics of this general constraint type.

void getGenConstrPoly ( GRBGenConstr genc,
    GRBVar[] xvar,
    GRBVar[] yvar,
    int[] plen,
    double[] p )


genc: The general constraint object.

Any of the following arguments can be null.

xvar: Store the <span>$</span>x<span>$</span> variable.

yvar: Store the <span>$</span>y<span>$</span> variable.

plen: Store the array length for p. If <span>$</span>x^d<span>$</span> is the highest power term, then <span>$</span>d+1<span>$</span> will be returned.

p: The coefficients for polynomial function.