Java Parameter Examples

In the Java interface, parameters are grouped by datatype into three enums: GRB.DoubleParam, GRB.IntParam, and GRB.StringParam. You would refer to the integer Threads parameter as GRB.IntParam.Threads.

To modify a parameter, you use GRBModel.set. Recall that you can also set parameters on an environment, but changes to the environment won't affect models that have already been created using that environment. It is generally simpler to set parameters on the model itself.

To set the TimeLimit parameter for a model, you'd do:

  GRBModel m = ...;
  m.set(GRB.DoubleParam.TimeLimit, 100.0);

You can also set the value of a parameter using strings for the parameter name and desired value. For example:

  GRBModel m = ...;
  m.set("TimeLimit", "100.0");

Use GRBModel.get to query the current value of a parameter:

  currentlimit = m.get(GRB.DoubleParam.TimeLimit);