LinExpr ( arg1=0.0, arg2=None )

Linear expression constructor. Note that you should generally use overloaded operators instead of the explicit constructor to build linear expression objects.

This constructor takes multiple forms. You can initialize a linear expression using a constant (LinExpr(2.0)), a variable (LinExpr(x)), an expression (LinExpr(2*x)), a pair of lists containing coefficients and variables, respectively (LinExpr([1.0, 2.0], [x, y])), or a list of coefficient-variable tuples (LinExpr([(1.0, x), (2.0, y), (1.0, z)])).

Return value:

A linear expression object.

Example usage:

  expr = LinExpr(2.0)
  expr = LinExpr(2*x)
  expr = LinExpr([1.0, 2.0], [x, y])
  expr = LinExpr([(1.0, x), (2.0, y), (1.0, z)])