getGenConstrPoly ( genconstr )

Retrieve the data associated with a general constraint of type POLY. Calling this method for a general constraint of a different type leads to an exception. You can query the GenConstrType attribute to determine the type of the general constraint.

See also addGenConstrPoly for a description of the semantics of this general constraint type.


genc: The general constraint object.

Return value:

A tuple (xvar, yvar, p) that contains the data associated with the general constraint:

xvar (Var): The <span>$</span>x<span>$</span> variable.

yvar (Var): The <span>$</span>y<span>$</span> variable.

p (list of float): The coefficients for polynomial function.

Example usage:

  # y = 2 x^3 + 1.5 x^2 + 1
  polyconstr = model.addGenConstrPoly(x, y, [2, 1.5, 0, 1])
  (xvar, yvar, p) = model.getGenConstrPoly(polyconstr)