read ( filename, env=defaultEnv )

Read a model from a file.


filename: Name of file containing model. Note that the type of the file is encoded in the file name suffix. Valid suffixes are .mps, .rew, .lp, .rlp, .dua, .dlp, .ilp, or .opb. The files can be compressed, so additional suffixes of .gz, .bz2, .zip, or .7z are accepted. The file name may contain * or ? wildcards. No file is read when no wildcard match is found. If more than one match is found, this routine will attempt to read the first matching file.

env: Environment in which to create the model. Creating your environment (using the Env constructor) gives you more control over Gurobi licensing, but it can make your program more complex. Use the default environment unless you know that you need to control your own environments.

Return value:

Model object containing the model that was read from the input file.

Example usage:

  m = read("afiro.mps")