To replay a Gurobi recording, you issue the following command:

> gurobi_cl recording000.grbr
You should adjust the file name to match the file you wish to replay. If your program generated multiple recording files, you will need to replay each one separately.

When the replay starts, the first output you will see will look like this:

*Replay* Replay of file 'recording000.grbr'
*Replay* Recording captured Tue Sep 13 19:28:48 2022
*Replay* Recording captured with Gurobi version 9.5.2 (linux64)

After this output, the replay will start executing the commands issued by your program...

*Replay* Load new Gurobi environment
*Replay* Create new Gurobi model (0 rows, 0 cols)
*Replay* Update Gurobi model
*Replay* Change objective sense to -1
*Replay* Add 3 new variables

This continues until the recording file ends. At that point, the replay will print out a final runtime accounting...

*Replay* Replay complete

*Replay* Gurobi API routine runtime: 0.05s
*Replay* Gurobi solve routine runtime: 2.31s

If your program leaked any Gurobi models or environments, you may also see that in the output:

*Replay* Models leaked: 2
*Replay* Environments leaked: 1