Type: double
Modifiable: Yes

When the model has multiple scenarios, this attribute is used to query or modify changes of the variable lower bounds in scenario <span>$</span>n<span>$</span> w.r.t. the base model. You set <span>$</span>n<span>$</span> using the ScenarioNumber parameter.

If an element of this array attribute is set to the undefined value (GRB_UNDEFINED in C and C++, or GRB.UNDEFINED in Java, .NET, and Python), it means that the corresponding value in the scenario is identical to the one in the base model.

The number of scenarios in the model can be queried (or modified) using the NumScenarios attribute.

Please refer to the Multiple Scenarios discussion for more information.

For examples of how to query or modify attributes, refer to our Attribute Examples.