Visual Basic Parameter Examples

In the Visual Basic interface, parameters are grouped by datatype into three enums: GRB.DoubleParam, GRB.IntParam, and GRB.StringParam. You would refer to the integer Threads parameter as GRB.IntParam.Threads.

To modify a parameter, set the corresponding .NET property from Model.Parameters. To set the TimeLimit parameter, for example:

  GRBModel m = ...
  m.Parameters.TimeLimit = 100.0
You can also use GRBModel.Set:
  m.Set(GRB.DoubleParam.TimeLimit, 100.0)

You can also set the value of a parameter using strings for the parameter name and desired value. For example:

  GRBModel m = ...
  m.Set("TimeLimit", "100.0")

To query the current value of a parameter, use:

  currentlimit = m.Parameters.TimeLimit
You can also use GRBModel.Get:
  currentlimit = m.Get(GRB.DoubleParam.TimeLimit)