Work limit
 Type: double
 Default value: Infinity
 Minimum value: 0
 Maximum value: Infinity

Limits the total work expended (in work units). Optimization returns with a WORK_LIMIT status if the limit is exceeded (see the Status Code section for further details).

In contrast to the TimeLimit, work limits are deterministic. This means that on the same hardware and with the same parameter and attribute settings, a work limit will stop the optimization of a given model at the exact same point every time. One work unit corresponds very roughly to one second on a single thread, but this greatly depends on the hardware on which Gurobi is running and the model that is being solved.

Note that optimization may not stop immediately upon hitting the work limit. It will stop when the optimization is next in a deterministic state, and it will then perform the required additional computations of the attributes associated with the terminated optimization. As a result, the Work attribute may be larger than the specified WorkLimit upon completion, and repeating the optimization with a WorkLimit set to the Work attribute of the stopped optimization may result in additional computations and a larger attribute value.

For examples of how to query or modify parameter values from our different APIs, refer to our Parameter Examples.