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Generating a Client License with grbcluster

Your primary tool for issuing cluster commands is a command-line program called grbcluster. The format of the command-line tool is as follows (see the reference section for more information):

  grbcluster --help                Display usage
  grbcluster command [flags]       Execute a top-level command
  grbcluster command --help        Display help about a top-level command
  grbcluster group command [flags] Execute a command from a group
  grbcluster group command --help  Display help about a command
                                   from a group

The first important command is the login command, which accepts various flags to allow you to configure your connection. Once your connection is validated, it will save these parameters into the license file. If the license file does not exist, it will create one. If you want to store the license file in a custom location, you can use the environment variable GRB_LICENSE_FILE. The command tools grbcluster, gurobi_cl, and grbtune will first read the client license file so that you do not need to specify connection parameters each time.

Here are some examples of the login command :

  • Log in to a Cluster Manager with a username and password:
    grbcluster login --manager=http://mymanager:61080 --username=gurobi
    Note that if a password is necessary, you will be prompted for it. This is more secure than providing one on the command line, but that is an option too (using the —password flag).

  • Refresh login to a Cluster Manager to extend an expired session:
    grbcluster login

  • Log in to a Cluster Manager with an API key:
    grbcluster login --manager=http://mymanager:61080 --access=... --secret=...

  • Log in to a Compute Server in a self-managed cluster:
    grbcluster login --server=http://server1:61000

  • Log in to a Compute Server that uses a router:
    grbcluster login --server=http://server1:61001 --router=http://myrouter:61000

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